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The Law & Education

Feb 10, 2022

There is a way to include trans athletes and to still provide a means for girls who want to shine in sports. Today we are joined by Nancy Hogshead-Makar for part two of our discussion on the work she is doing to fight for the inclusion of women and trans athletes in college sports. We begin this episode with a series of updates on how the ongoing debates on the inclusion of trans athletes in sports are being reflected in legislature across different states. From there, Nancy speaks about how the work she is doing to fight for trans inclusion forms a part of her activism for gender equity in college sports. We talk about the policies Nancy is helping to build so that sports can be the solution for trans inclusion, and how they are fitting trans people into different sports in different ways based on their sex-linked advantage. Wrapping up, we talk to Nancy about the work she is doing to fight for the rights of Olympic athletes through the position in the Olympic Commission which she was recently promoted to.