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The Law & Education

May 14, 2020

We are living through unprecedented times both nationally and globally.  For those in the Title IX profession, these complicated times have been further exacerbated with the release of the new Title IX Regulations by the Department of Education on May 6, 2020.  Today on the show Courtney is joined by Joseph Storch, a name well-known to most in the field.   Courtney and Joe discuss the new regulations and their impact on institutions and school districts.

To say that they have caused a stir would be putting it very lightly! Joe is a regular contributor through NACUA and the wealth of knowledge he brings to the table is indispensable.  He offers his first impressions on the regulations and their preable, and the foremost of these is related to the document's length! With the official implementation date of these new regulations looming, two-thousand plus pages to get through is a sizable read, especially considering what is required after the document has been read. Part of what Joe talks about is the efforts he has made to work collaboratively in response to these regulations, in order to help all institutions keep abreast.

During such a difficult time where almost everyone has been affected by the pandemic in myriad ways, the fact that these new steps have added another layer of pressure is quite astounding. Join us today to hear Joe's thoughts on the new laws, how we might approach digesting and reacting to them, and some of the responses that have already begun to surface! 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Joe's first impressions of the newly published regulations and their apparent implications.
  • The significance of the new regulations and the meaning of the preamble.
  • Advice for Title IX professionals in the face of the current climate.
  • The institutional implications of the dates laid out in the new regulations.
  • Delays in the publishing of these regulations and the pressure this puts on colleges.
  • The actual changes that have been instituted by the new regulations.
  • Better access to the new regulation through a collaborative effort in processing it.
  • The amazing contributions that have been made to the SUNY Joint Collaboration
  • Distance-university and the learning environments that are the current norm.
  • Potential challenges for the new regulations and organizations planning to litigate.
  • The continued mission of guidance and resource creation for Title IX compliance.
  • Joe's short-lived run in a political office!



“It's one thing for a naturally occurring emergency, it's another thing for a manufactured emergency.” — @JosephStorchNY [0:26:07]

“The department has significantly narrowed the definition of what is in fact sexual harassment, unequal treatment on the basis of sex, under Title IX.” — @JosephStorchNY [0:29:10]

“Who knew, when we were having these conversations in January that this is what May would look like.” — @ICSLawyer [0:14:43] 

“There may be more things that we know a week from now that can help folks in making their policy decisions.” — @JosephStorchNY [0:43:09]


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