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The Law & Education

Jul 30, 2020

We welcome Joe Storch from SUNY back to the show today to chat some more about the new regulations in Title IX and get into some thoughts on the power of prevention. We use this episode as an update on the current goings-on in the litigation around the new regulations but also use it as a jumping-off point for a host of other relevant issues in the space right now. It feels like the year 2020 has so much going on, on so many levels, inside and outside of the Title IX world. The current global context and pandemic have ramifications for us all but there is also the upcoming US presidential election, ongoing issues that have bubbled to the surface in higher education, and the compounding effect of all of these! Joe takes this opportunity to make a strong argument for the importance of prevention and why its longer-term process is what we should all be aiming for. He likens prevention to an olive tree, a crop that takes many years to bear fruit and a symbol of a stable society. Contrasted with the immediate measures that seem to have been favored in the formulation of the new Title IX regulations, prevention will better serve those concerned and society as a whole. At the end of the episode, Joe also shares some useful and inspiring information about the SPECTRUM Conference at SUNY and the amazing outcomes he has already witnessed as a result of the event. We finish off with a message of hope for those of us in the higher education space; it can feel like a particularly difficult time in this line of work at present but the commitment of those working across the country does offer a silver lining and a reason for optimism!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The last couple of weeks in the litigation around the new regulations.
  • National and state injunctions and the considerations around these.
  • Estimated times for the judge's ruling; why there is an expectation surrounding August 3rd.
  • Possible impacts of the upcoming presidential election on the regulations.
  • Preventative measures and the investment needed in this area for Title IX.
  • The olive tree of prevention — immediate responses do not solve long term problems.
  • Research going into contributive causes of cases and the need for governmental support.
  • The development of the SPECTRUM Conference hosted by SUNY.
  • Compounded challenges facing marginalized communities — family, access, and belief.
  • Two success stories from the conference and how these examples underline the need for access.
  • Speakers and sessions at the SPECTRUM Conference — what attendees can look forward to!
  • Hope for the higher education space; what it means to have such amazing people involved.
  • The power of the joint guidance idea — coming together for everyone's benefit.



“My hope is that the next administration, whether it is next year or five years from now,  would try and take that middle of the road approach, bring all the parties together.” — @JosephStorchNY [0:15:31] 

“I see prevention as an investment, not an expense.” — @JosephStorchNY [0:20:49]

“We don't have great evidence of primary prevention and we don't have great evidence of things outside of bystander intervention.” — @JosephStorchNY [0:22:02]

“Prevention is really an olive tree and you have to be willing to invest time and resources now in order to bear fruit years down the line. Because you have to change the entire culture.” — @JosephStorchNY [0:25:21]


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