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The Law & Education

Apr 13, 2023

We are still under the 2020 Title IX regulations, so it’s essential to get in compliance with them! During today’s conversation, your host, Courtney Bullard, unpacks the topic of emergency removals and administrative leave, and the surrounding procedures and regulations. Tune in to hear what coordinators are permitted to do, how to distinguish between disciplinary and supportive measures, and why it is so important to do an individualized safety and risk assessment to determine the threat level in question. Hear what ICS recommends for decision-making and involving a threat assessment team before we touch on the ongoing analysis to determine the appropriate measures to take. Join us today to stay informed on all this and more! Thanks for listening. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Background on your host, Courtney Bullard.

  • What you will learn if you revisit our first episode.

  • Today’s topic: emergency removals and administrative leave under Title IX. 

  • A reminder that we are currently under the 2020 Title IX regulations.

  • An invitation to Diamond Level Community Partners to do our Level 2 Specialty Course.

  • Who this episode is most relevant to: Title IX Coordinators, Deputy Title IX Coordinators, Student Affairs Professionals, and beyond.

  • The formal Title IX process under 2020 regulations. 

  • The limited follow-up coordinators are allowed to do. 

  • Supportive measures and the surrounding requirements.

  • Distinguishing between discipline and supportive measures.

  • The individualized safety and risk assessment that must take place to determine the level of threat.

  • Providing the opportunity to challenge an emergency removal.

  • Why it is not recommended that the Title IX coordinator acts as an administrator if he or she is making the final decision.

  • What emergency removals are for: emergencies and immediate threats.

  • Highlighting that administrative leave is not intended for emergencies.

  • The importance of involving a threat assessment team.

  • Ongoing analysis to determine appropriate supportive measures that can be put in place.

  • A recommendation to make sure there is something on Title IX included in your policies.

  • What to expect next on this podcast.


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