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Jul 28, 2022

Has Title IX compliance got you stressed? Are you confused about the new proposed regulations? Well, this episode is for you! It is hard to believe that July is almost over and with it comes a new set of proposed Title IX regulations. The academic year is in full swing, which means new students and employees, making it essential for institutions and school districts to ensure Title IX compliance. The proposed regulations are 700 pages, and Courtney has condensed them into a Top 10 for you.  We work through the most fundamental additions, modifications, and changes in the proposed Title IX regulations and learn when to expect their implementation. Tune in to ensure you are up to date and prepared for the future of Title IX with your host, Courtney Bullard!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • We kick things off by learning about some NPRM resources.
  • When the comment period ends concerning the proposed NPRM regulations.
  • What happens after the comment period ends.
  • Find out when the proposed NPRM will be finalized.
  • Learn how the scope of the proposed regulations has expanded.
  • How behavior may trigger the proposed regulations.
  • The expansion of mandated training and who this would include.
  • Changes that have been made regarding employee reporting commitments.
  • An overview of the additional and modified definitions.
  • How the Title IX coordinator's role will change with the new regulations.
  • Details about how the definition of Title IX sexual harassment will change.
  • Modifications to the grievance process and what it encompasses explained.
  • When an informal resolution can be implemented and the role of a Title IX coordinator. 
  • The proposed approach to retaliation protection in the new regulations.
  • Ways in which the new regulations will deal with discrimination concerning pregnancy.
  • An outline of the proposed expansion of record-keeping requirements.


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