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The Law & Education

Jan 27, 2022

The investigative process, while crucial, has a limited scope in providing sexual assault survivors with what they need. Today's conversation takes a look into restorative justice and navigating how we can attend to the harmed person and community so that healing is the primary goal. Today's guest is Dr. Kaaren Williamsen, director of the Sexual Assault and Prevention Center at the University of Michigan (SAPAC), who imparts her knowledge, wisdom, and experience in this field. We touch on everything from what it looks like on the ground right now for Title IX Coordinators to visions for Title IX coordinators on campuses beyond compliance with Title IX.  Kaaren also explains SAPAC, and provides advice for those working on smaller campuses to achieve similar goals. Kaaren guides us in a deep dive into restorative justice and adaptability, with many learnable stories and examples of how this type of resolution supports not only the survivor but also the coordinators and the community in which it happened. We are so excited for her to share her wisdom with you today; this is one inspiring and helpful conversation you don't want to miss.