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The Law & Education

Jul 2, 2020

In this episode, Courtney continues her conversation with Jake Sapp on the legal challenges to the new Title IX regulations. Jake is the Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer for Austin College and holds a JD from Stetson. He is well versed in the Title IX litigation landscape and provides some synthesis of this complex topic as we talk about the selection of lawsuits that are underway at present, the challenges that Jake foresees for institutions and coordinators, and what exactly has been happening in the Supreme Court in the last couple of weeks! If you have not yet listened to part one of this conversation make sure to double back and give it some ears.


Key Points from This Episode:

  • The array of lawsuits and cases that are currently in progress.
  • Foreseeable challenges on the horizon; the department's response and more.
  • The likelihood of the success of these injunctions — when will enforcement happen?
  • This week in the Supreme Court and the surprising rulings that have been made.
  • The historical importance of Title VI and VII to this conversation.
  • Unpacking the constituent parts of Title VI and Title VII.
  • The bathroom bills and the potential challenges to these laws.
  • Jake's valuable webinar series and the subjects they are focusing on.



“There's not too many different courses of action but there is so many different pieces under each challenge.” — @JakeHigherEdLaw [0:10:40]

“In my mind, the main players have already filed their complaints.” — @JakeHigherEdLaw [0:12:18] 

“I think that the department is going to wait to respond for as long as possible, so that they don't show their hand.” — @JakeHigherEdLaw [0:12:40]

“I think that there is a strong possibility that we are going to see the enforcement date, on August the 14th, not actually be the date of enforcement.” — @JakeHigherEdLaw [0:15:16]


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